Exchange program held to pay tribute to fellow soldiers

The Vietnam War Veterans Association and Vietnam Veteran Businesses Association have held an exchange program to pay tribute to fellow soldiers on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the southern liberation and national unification and the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam War Veteran association.

Addressing the event, General Nguyen Van Duoc, President of the Vietnam War Veterans Association said the program pays tribute to fellow comrades and heroic mothers' sacrifices for national defense and independence. He praised veteran businesses for their efficient economic performance, mutual support for poverty reduction as well as national construction and defense.

The exchange program has been held annually for many years and has a wide repercussion in the society. This is an opportunity to honor outstanding veteran businesses with significant contribution to help their peers, martyr families and charity work, said Duoc.

More than 300 billion dong were presented to charity funds to support revolutionary veterans and the poor during the exchange program.

Source: VOV5