Exciting “Green Sunday” in the localities in the province

On the morning of February 24, the districts, towns and Hue city organized a Green Sunday - "Take action for Thua Thien Hue to add green-clean-light" with many practical activities. This is an activity aimed at creating diffusion in the community from villages, hamlets, neighborhood groups, agencies, departments, sectors, socio-political organizations and enterprises to participate in preserving and building a living environment " Bright-green-clean, no waste ", built Thua Thien Hue province in the direction of urban" Heritage, culture, ecology, landscape, environmentally friendly ".

Phu Vang district: The ceremony of launching and launching Green Sunday army of Phu Vang district took place at Thuan An beach and launched environmental sanitation along the provincial road 10 in Phu My and Phu Xuan communes.

With the theme "Let's join hands to clean the sea", right after the launching ceremony of Green Sunday in 2019, more than 700 officers and soldiers of Thuan An port border gate, Hai Doi 2 of the Command Provincial border guards, youth union members, students and people in the locality enthusiastically set out to clean up garbage on Thuan An and Phu Thuanbeaches .

As a coastal district, a lagoon district, over the past time, along with the socio-economic development, Phu Vang district has always focused on implementing the environmental protection work, especially preserving the landscape and environment. beaches by investing in infrastructure, planting trees, installing lighting systems ... Along with that, the district also launched and implemented many programs, movements and campaigns in the whole People like "All people build urban civilization lifestyle", "Civilized, clean and beautiful office", "Green, clean and beautiful route" ..., thereby raising awareness and responsibility of each person people, every residential group, agency, unit, enterprise in environmental protection.

District Secretary of the Union of Phu Vang Nguyen Thanh Hoai said, in order to constantly raise awareness and actively take part in environmental protection among officials, youth union members, youth members, in the future, The union will mobilize union members, each household is enthusiastic, active in planting flowers, planting green trees in or in front of the house, participating in protecting trees in residential areas, limiting the use of plastic bags when storing food, well implement the classification of household waste ...

Hue City: With the theme "Hue youth acts to make the city greener, cleaner", the opening ceremony of the Youth Month in 2019, implementing "Green Sunday" and launching the emulation "Hue Youth Remember the "Will follow the Uncle" of youth in Hue city also took place in An Hoa ward.

Immediately after the Launching Ceremony, more than 500 youth members in Hue city organized practical response activities with many works and tasks such as: propaganda and helmet wearing when participating in traffic. at the roads in Hue city; Going to the army to clean up and protect the environmental landscape at the road and riverbank area before An Hoa communal house; planting trees at the road in front of An Hoa Kindergarten ...

Huong Tra Town: Launching Ceremony of Youth Month 2019, with the theme "Youth Volunteer - Action for Thua Thien Hue to add Green - Clean - Sang" to respond and implement the project: Green Sunday - " Act to Thua Thien Hue to add green-clean-light of the provincial youth also took place in Huong Tra town.

At the launching ceremony, more than 500 members and youths came out with environmental sanitation troops to respond to the movement "Against plastic waste"; Commencement of the youth project "Bright route - green - clean - beautiful - order and security"; carry out the work of youth planting 300 trees ...

Standing Deputy Secretary of Doan Nguyen Duy Cuong Province, said, with the theme "Youth Volunteers - Action to Thua Thien Hue add Green - Clean - Bright", 2019 Youth Month of provincial youth will be organized functions with many new features, diversity, richness through activities such as: Simultaneously launching "Green Sunday"; youth activities according to the voice of the Fatherland; organize activities to participate in building new rural areas, urban civilized lifestyle, environmental protection, maintaining traffic order and safety, preventing crimes and social evils. Hopefully, in these exciting and meaningful days, every youth union member will do many useful and effective things for the community, society and the development of Thua Thien Hue's homeland.

Phong Dien District: Launching Ceremony Green Sunday in 2019 of the youth of Phong Dien district took place at Danh Sy Temple, Phong Dien District, Phong Dien Town with the participation of youth union members, students of military service clean up garbage and clean up roads in residential areas.

In order to effectively implement the project "Green Sunday" of the province, in the coming time, Phong Dien district will integrate the project's contents and programs into the campaign "All people build urban civilization lifestyle." "," Civilized, clean and beautiful office "," Green, clean and beautiful route "... In which, plans will be developed specifically for communes, towns and agencies, units and schools. study in the area; specific assignment of charge of environmental sanitation in each area, route and care, management and planting of trees at the martyrs' temples, cemeteries, vestiges and relics in the area ...

A Luoi district: The launching ceremony of "Green Sunday" in A Luoi district took place in A Ngo commune with the participation of more than 500 youth union members in the district.

Vice Chairman of A Luoi District People's Committee Ho Van Ngu said, in order to effectively implement the "Green Sunday" scheme along with the propaganda and mobilization of people in the district to preserve the landscape and living environment. , the district will develop plans and assign specific targets for the implementation of the project's contents to agencies, units and mass organizations in the district; At the same time, the implementation of Green Sunday is one of the emulation criteria for agencies and localities.

For the residential community, together with the mobilization of ethnic minority people to well implement the garbage dumping at the prescribed places; cleaning regularly at home and village roads, actively planting trees and planting flowers on both sides of the village road to create more bright colors for rural areas, contributing to speeding up the implementation of Criteria for new rural construction. Mr. Ngu said.

Quang Dien district : Sat the launching ceremony of "Green Sunday" on February 1, every Sunday, in the localities in Quang Dien district, the sanitation of village roads and alleys is also implemented. The neighborhood with the ambush force is the union members and members of mass organizations.

On the morning of Sunday (February 24), more than 600 youth union members (divided into 2 groups) conducted environmental hygiene on a number of district roads, at the Trade Center of the district and Ben Con wharf. clan.

The district secretary of Quang Dien Vo Viet Duc district said on March 10, coming here, together with launching and launching activities in "Youth Month of 2019", Quang Dien district will integrate the contents of "Green Sunday" project to implement and implement regularly and continuously in the district.

Source: Cong Thong Tin Dien Tu ,Thua Thien Hue