Exhibition on Vietnam’s Agent Orange/dioxin lawsuit opens in HCMC

 A photo exhibition entitled “Agent Orange lawsuit: 1 petition, 1 million victims” opened on Saturday in Ho Chi Minh City. More than 100 photos, documents, and illustrations collected from newspapers, witnesses, and researches and the War Remnants Museum, which depict the entire information and statistics on long-term effects of AO/dioxin on humans, nature, and the environment.

In a related development, a French court will on Monday hear a case against more than a dozen companies that supplied the US with the notorious chemical Agent Orange during the war in Vietnam. The case was brought by Tran To Nga, a 79-year-old French-Vietnamese woman who covered the case as a journalist. In 2014, she filed the lawsuit against 14 firms, including Monsanto, now owned by German giant Bayer, and Dow Chemical, that made or sold the highly toxic chemical. The highly toxic defoliant sprayed by US forces from 1962 to 1971 has caused serious consequences on 4 million people and damaged the environment.



Source: VOV5

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