Experts condemn China’s violation of international law in the East Sea

More than 50 experts from research institutes and universities in the Czech Republic on Thursday attended a seminar called Settling disputes in the East Sea organized by the Institute of International Relations of Prague under the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic.

Doctor Bill Hayton, Senior Expert of the Asia Pacific Program of the Chatham House Academy of the UK, was the main speaker. In his presentation, Doctor Hayton said disputes in the East Sea are complicated concerning China and ASEAN claimant countries in the East Sea as well as geo-political competition between major countries including China and the US. Mr. Hayton said China's sending of survey vessel Haiyang 8 and its escorts to Vietnam's Exclusive Economic Zone showed China's attempt to use force to threaten and force other regional countries to give up their sovereignty and jurisdiction as well as their legitimate interests. He said this is a violation of international law, particularly the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. He urged the EU to pay more attention to the East Sea issue to prevent violation of international law.

Doctor Takashi Hosoda of the Charles University in the Czech Republic expressed his concern about recent tension in the East Sea saying it threatens peace and security in the region. He said China's unilateral actions have fueled tension in the East Sea and that China violated international law by sending vessel Haiyang 8 to Vietnam's EEZ near the Vanguard Bank. He asked China to comply with international law and common norms.

Doctor Richard Turscanyi of the Palacky Olomouc University expressed concern about China's construction and militarization of artificial islands in the East Sea saying these activities have negatively impacted regional security.

Source: VOV5