Exports to the Netherlands sharply increase

14:09 | 26/09/2014

VGP – Viet Nam earned US$2.3 billion from exports to the Netherlands in the first eight months of 2014, a year-on-year increase of 22.26%, according to the Viet Nam Industry and Trade Information Center (VITIC).

Phones and accessories ranked first among Viet Nam’s items exported to the Netherlands with the export value of US$386.8 million, accounting for 16.4% of the country’s total. They were followed by computers, electronics and spare parts with US$384.5 million, up 3.79%.

Up to 80% of the Vietnamese products sold to the Netherlands achieved positive growth rate. Notably, pottery and porcelain enjoyed a 197.67% surge.

Meanwhile, Viet Nam’s import turnover from India reached US$2.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 18.19%.

The seafood topped the imports with US$248.5 million, up 238.05% and accounting for 11% of the total.

The cotton ranked second with a turnover of US$230.8 million, up 45.54%.

Over the past eight months of the year, Viet Nam spared US$178.6 million from exporting medicine from India, up 11.21%, ranking fourth.

By Thuy Dung