Foreign tourists impressed with Hanoi, city for peace

Hanoi is hosting the second DPRK-US Summit. Hanoi-the city for peace-is being made more beautiful for this week's visitors with streets adorned with colorful flowers and flags.

William Wikinson, an American tourist who is visiting Vietnam for the second time, said: Vietnamese are very nice. I like Hanoi, anyway. What do I want to say? I think that everybody should come here. Oh yes I will visit again.

Tourists from the US, France, and Brazil say Hanoi is a modern, safe city, so choosing Hanoi for the summit was a good decision.

- I hope they will enjoy this time together and think about solutions, first for the situation between the United States and North Korea, and, as leaders, maybe they can figure out solutions for the world, as well.

-It is great that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will meet each other. If they become close, it will be great for Asia and America. I think it is good for them to open their minds to peace.

Source: VOV5