Forest fire smog covers Chiang Mai city again.


Bangkok: Forest fire smoke has returned to cover Chiang Mai city once again. Distance visibility is reduced. PM 2.5 dust exceeds the standard by 3 points. Wildfire smoke has returned to cover Chiang Mai city again. After the situation improved earlier Decreased distance vision From the viewpoint on Doi Suthep Can't see the city of Chiang Mai clearly. cloudy sky The smog from forest fires likely floated from different districts. where there is a request for fuel management in agricultural areas and the wind blows into the city This causes the pollution value or PM 2.5 to exceed the standard in 3 areas: Sri Phum Subdistrict, Mueang District, at 43.9 micrograms per cubic meter, Chang Phueak Subdistrict, in front of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization, at 39 micrograms per cubic meter, and the area of Hang Dong Subdistrict, Hot District. It is 38.7 micrograms per cubic meter. Starting to affect health While in Chiang Mai today 7 hot spots were found, making the total number of hot spots 124, b ut the number has decreased more than every year. Or during the same period last year, it decreased by 930 points after the Chiang Mai governor banned the burning of rice stubble and corn husk stubble. Let it be plowed down and used to make fertilizer instead Source: Thai News Agency