France to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

The fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is essentially under control as of the early morning hours of Tuesday, emergency officials said.

The main structure and front side of the cathedral has been saved thanks to the efforts of fire fighters on Monday evening and through the night. A fire fighter was severely injured battling the flames though neither civilian nor tourist has been killed or injured.

"Christians around the world are celebrating Holy Week. We understand their feelings and will stay by their side. The mayor of Paris has been here for hours and I truly understand how she and other French people feel because Notre-Dame is a lot more than just a cathedral to all French people," said French President Emmanuel Macron.

President Macron said he will call on the world's greatest architects to restore the cathedral. An international fundraising campaign has been launched to rebuild the cathedral. Experts said that the reconstruction is estimated to cost around 150 million euro and take years to complete.

An investigation was opened into what prosecutors described as "involuntary destruction by fire." Authorities have ruled out arson and possible terrorism-related motives.

Source: VOV5