German Chancellor: more Brexit discussions needed within UK

The European Union has done all it can to reach a Brexit deal with the UK, but a lot of discussions are still needed within the UK, said Angela Merkel on Thursday after Britis h and EU leaders agreed in principle on their post-Brexit relations.

Addressing an event in Berlin, Merkel pledged to do everything she can to reach an agreement with Britain securing its orderly exit from the EU. She said a disorderly withdrawal could be disastrous for both sides' economy and also for the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

The same day, British Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a statement to MPs on post-Brexit UK-EU relations. She said they are at a crucial stage of the discussions and the UK needs to closely cooperate with EU members. She said the current draft declaration will help Britain develop "an independent trade policy" and a free trade area with the EU that is different from all preceeding ones.

Source: VOV5