German industry groups warn US on tariffs

German industry groups warned on Sunday, that tariffs the US has recently imposed or threatened to impose risk harming the US itself. The warning was given ahead of a meeting between European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and US President Donald Trump slated for July 25, in Washington.

Dieter Kempf, head of Germany's industry association (BDI) said that the German auto industry employed more than 118,000 people in the US and 60 percent of what they produced was exported to other countries from the US.

Mr. Kempf stressed that at the meeting with President Trump, the European Commission President needs to make clear that the US would harm itself with tariffs on cars and car parts.

EU officials are skeptical about what European Commission President Juncker can achieve during the talk with President Trump.

Trade tensions between the US and EU have increased after Washington imposed a 25 percent tariff on EU steel and a 10 percent tariff on EU aluminium and President Trump has threatened to increase them to 20% to EU cars and car parts.

Source: VOV5