Global Firepower: US military most powerful in the world

The latest figures from the Global Fire Power Index has identified the US, Russia and China as the world's strongest military forces.

The US is ranked number one in most of the comparable metrics, such as total aircraft strength, with 13,400 aircraft in service, which is the most out of any nation in the world. At 716 billion USD, the US also has the world's largest defence budget, 492 billion USD more than China � the world's second largest defence spender.

Russia, however, leads in other metrics. It is the top nation in terms of number of combat tanks with nearly 22,000 � more than three times the US total � and also armoured fighting vehicles (of which it has more than 50,000) and self-propelled artillery. Russia also has a strong navy, with a total of 352 assets.

Source: VOV5