Government hosts national conference on socio-economic tasks for 2019

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has underlined the importance of the implementation of socio-economic tasks for 2019.

Mr. Phuc told an online national conference on Friday that next year will focus on preparations for Party Congresses at all levels prior to the 13th National Party Congress in 2021. He said all the achievements of the current Government tenure were attributable to the sound leadership of the Party Central Committee, consensus on the part of the National Assembly, the support of the whole political system, and the efforts of Vietnam's provinces and cities.

The Prime Minister said the Party Central Committee's Resolution on the private economic sector has been realized and the people trust the Party's leadership and National Assembly and Government efforts to deal with issues related to environmental protection, agriculture, farmers, rural areas, mountainous areas, and ethnic affairs. Mr. Phuc said all the policies and resolutions of the Party and the National Assembly have been faithfully implemented and produced positive results.

Source: VOV5