Gov’t promulgates State monopoly in 20 goods and services

The Government has released Decree 94/2017/ND-CP stating that the State will hold the monopoly in the production and trading of 20 goods and services.

Accordingly, 20 goods and services will be subjected to State monopoly as follows:

1. Goods and services used for defense and security purposes;

2. Production, trade, import-export and transit transport of industrial explosives;

3. Production of gold bars;

4. Export-import of material gold for making gold bars

5. Issuing state lottery;

6. Import of cigarettes and cigars (exclusive of duty-free stores);

7. Management, export-import, purchase, sale, storage and preservation of goods named in the national reserves list;

8. Money printing and minting;

9. Issuance of Viet Nam's postal stamps;

10. Production, export-import, purchase, sale, transport and storage of ?reworks and supply of related services;

11. Transmitting and controlling the national power grid; construction and operation of multi-purpose hydropower plants and nuclear power facilities of special socio-economic importance;

12. Public services ensuring navigation safety (operation of lighthouses and public navigational passages);

13. Management and operation of coastal information facilities;

14. Services related to fly control, aviation information and aviation search and rescue;

15. Management and exploitation of national and urban railway infrastructures invested by the State, exclusive of maintenance services;

16. Management and exploitation of inter-provincial, inter-district irrigation and water supply systems for agriculture, and sea embankments;

17. Supply of forestry services in special-use forests, exclusive of forests for sightseeing that the State leases to economic organizations to protect and develop for tourism purposes;

18. Publishing, exclusive of printing and distribution activities;

19. Maintenance, management and exploitation of public postal service networks;

20. Supply of public services for newspaper publishing.

The decree points out that the State only holds monopoly in essential goods and services that are related to defense and security and national interests or in areas which the private sector does not wish to operate in or is not capable of doing.

The decree shall take effect since October 1, 2017./.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam