Gov’t vows to be attentive to private economic sector

The second Viet Nam Private Sector Forum (VPSF) began on July 31 with the participation of nearly 1,000 businesses, business associations, experts, and domestic and foreign organizations.

Under the theme From Central Resolution 5 to the Action Program of the Private Sector in Viet Nam, the session will focus on discussions and dialogues between the government and the private sector in the key national spheres of agriculture, tourism, and the digital economy.

The VPSF is an initiative from the Viet Nam Young Entrepreneurs' Association and the Mekong Business Initiative (MBI), funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Australian Government.

It is a bridge for the government, public authorities, and the private sector to get invoved in continuous and close consultation on public and private policies, based on the gathering and reflection of voices from enterprises.

It also reflects the wish of the Government and the PM to be attentive to business community, including private businesses.

Following the VPSF 2017, VPSF and the Viet Nam Young Entrepreneurs' Association will issue a white book on VPSF forum and a set of indexes on business confidence.

So far, the private economic sector has made important contributions to national development in budget contribution and job generation.

Since 2010, the sector made up over 43% of GDP. The State economic and FDI sectors accounted for 28.9% and about 18% of national GDP, respectively.

In addition, the number of private enterprises also surged sharply, reached a record high in 2016 with 110,000. A large number of large-scale private economic groups and enterprises were founded./.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam