“Green Sunday” needs to join hands with the whole political system

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Thien Dinh chaired a meeting with the Provincial Youth Union and other departments, localities to assess after 01 month of implementing the project "Green Sunday" in the province. .

According to the report of the Provincial Youth Union, after 1 month of implementation, up to now, most districts and towns and Hue city have developed plans to implement and implement the "Green Sunday" project in their localities and teams. launching ceremony. S au launching ceremony, signing commitment to implement the Project and launching 2019 "Green Sunday" army of the Provincial Union on January 19, 2019, many localities in the province also held a ceremony to respond to many practical operation.

In Hue City, a series of activities have been carried out as simultaneously to clean up the banks of the Huong River, handle black spots on environmental pollution; restoring order and sanitation in 10 main roads of the city. Districts and towns also went to the army to clean up village roads, hamlets and main roads.

In order for the staff to implement the project with high efficiency, leaders of departments, branches and localities said that it is necessary to have a specific implementation plan in 2019, including specific contents and targets for implementation. of the province as a basis for localities, agencies and units to develop plans. The authorities need to advise the province of sanctions to punish the violations about causing environmental hygiene, especially acts of indiscriminately littering and spreading votive gold when bringing mourning to raise awareness as well as replace behavior change for people, especially for young people.

Agreeing with the suggestions of departments, localities, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Thien Dinh said that building civilized lifestyle and high awareness in preserving the landscape environment is not on day one. Day two must be done regularly, long term. The core issue is to adopt the "Green Sunday" Scheme, we not only promote traditional cultural prices but also raise the level of building a cultural and civilized lifestyle of the Ancient people, so , it is necessary to mobilize the political system into action, not just to take the youth union force as the core.

The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee proposed that localities, agencies and units need to pay attention to and implement creativity in the locality and grassroots level to create spillover among people of all strata; need to build facebook page to communicate and receive information reflected by the online community about the situation of causing unsanitary environment ...

Source: Cong Thong Tin Dien Tu ,Thua Thien Hue