Hanoi – A modern City for Peace

Hanoi was conferred the City for Peace prize by UNESCO during a ceremony in Bolivia's capital, La Paz, in 1999. The award recognized Hanoi's efforts to foster peace, development and social cohesion, whilst respecting the city's treasured traditions. In this week's Discovery Vietnam, we will ask experts and Hanoians what the title means and look at how modern Hanoi has evolved, twenty years on.

Since Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam in 1010, its people have always embodied the spirt of unity and unyielding resistance against foreign invaders. Professor and People's Teacher Nguyen Quang Ngoc said: Hanoi, a used-to-be war-torn city, always desperately aspires for peace. Hanoians commit their utmost efforts to make Hanoi a true 'City for Peace'.

Intellectuals from Vietnam and abroad have helped Hanoi to evolve into a political, economic, and cultural hub of Vietnam. With its growing status internationally, strong development and preservation of traditional values, Hanoi deserves the title City for Peace, according to Professor Ngoc, who said: Hanoi has proven itself a true 'City for Peace' and a model of development. This title has symbolic value not for a particular region but for the whole progressive humanity.

Source: VOV5