Hassan Rouhani re-elected as Iran’s president

President Hassan Rouhani has won re-election by handing an emphatic defeat to his hardline rival Ebrahim Raisi.

Rouhani won 22.8 million votes compared to 15.5 million for Raisi, with 38.9 million votes counted, the Interior Ministry said.

The Iranian nation has chosen the path of interaction with the world, a path which is distant from extremism and violence, according to Rouhani's televised speech on Saturday. But they are not ready to be belittled and threatened, he added.

During Mr Rouhani's first term in office, Iran has managed to improve the economy, increase oil production, and recapture lost export market shares in global energy markets. Several trade deals were signed between Iran and Russia, China, Japan and South Korea. In addition, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which aims to open the Iranian market to foreign investment has generated 9.5 billion USD in foreign investment in 2016. Inflation, which hovered around 40% in 2013, came down to 7.5% in 2016.

Source: VOV5