HN: CPI in August up 0.19%

16:38 | 21/08/2014

VGP – Ha Noi’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) in August increased 3.32% and 1.53% compared with the same period and December last year, respectively.

According to the city’s General Statistics Office, the CPI in August rose 0.19% in comparison with the previous month.

Foodstuffs and dining-out services and groups of garment, hats and footwear rose by 0.38% against July. Seven out of 11 items witnessed an increase in prices.

Prices of housing-electricity-fuel-construction materials went down 0.18% due to a decrease in gas and petroleum prices.

Transport costs also reduced 0.06% thanks to a decrease in the price of petroleum and gas.

By contrast, food prices lessened 0.61% compared to the pervious month.

Both gold and US dollar prices dropped slightly, by 0.41% and 0.32% compared to the previous month, respectively.

By Thuy Dung