Ho Chi Minh City to operate 4 smart city centers

Ho Chi Minh City will operate 4 centers under its plan to become a true smart city by 2020 with a vision to 2025, the municipal Department of Information and Communications announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

These 4 centers will include a shared database, a smart city management center, a center for socio-economic simulations and forecasts, and an information security center.

Ho Chi Minh City's shared database will begin its first phase at the beginning of next year. At the same time, the smart city management center will begin, collecting data from the city's camera system and emergency hotlines. The other 2 centers will be launched later in the first quarter.

Le Quoc Cuong, Vice Director of the municipal Department of Information and Communications, told reporters: A simulation of Ho Chi Minh City's socio-economic development through different periods will serve as a reference for long-term urban planning. This will help us eliminate problems like traffic congestion and overload at city hospitals. Data collection will lead to more efficient management.

Source: VOV5