Ho Chi Minh City’s February CPI down 0.18 percent

Ho Chi Minh City reported a decrease of 0.18 percent in its consumer price index (CPI) in February compared with that of the previous month, according to the municipal Statistics Office.

Specifically, a decline was seen in four out of 11 commodity groups, including restaurant and catering service (0.18 percent); beverage and tobacco (0.83 percent); culture, entertainment and tourism (0.31 percent); and transport (2.8 percent).

The fall in prices of these products was attributed to declining demand of local people and impacts of the acute respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Prices of five commodity groups reported an increase, with the highest level recorded in medicine and medical services (0.64 percent); and housing, fuel, and building material (0.51 percent).

Meanwhile, prices of education; and post and telecommunication services remained unchanged in February.

In the month, gold prices increased by 2.87 percent against the previous month, and the VND/USD exchange rate was also up 0.32 percent month-on-month.

Source: Vietnam News Agency