Hung Kings Temple Festival 2019 ready to welcome visitors

Activities in Phu Tho province are ready celebrating the Hung Kings Temple Festival which will begin on Monday.

A new Hung Kings Temple mobile phone app provides a guide to tourist sites and worshipping rituals of the Hung Kings.

Trinh Hung Son, Director of the provincial Department of Information and Communications, said: The Department and the Hung Temple Relic Site jointly designed the mobile app to help visitors to the Hung Kings Temple tour the relic sites and attend the worshiping rituals in accordance with regulations. The app will allow people nationwide to follow activities commemorating the Hung Kings' death anniversary and learn about the temples and pagodas in the Hung Temple Complex. Schedules of activities allow visitors to select suitable dates and destinations for their visit.

A culture camp and a public art and folk music festival opened at the Hung Temple Relic Site on Wednesday. The culture camp introduces and promotes specialties of Phu Tho province and honors the locality's folk songs, folk dances, and traditional festival.

Nguyen Dac Thuy, Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said: The culture camp will recreate houses with designs characteristic of the Hung Kings era and entertain visitors with various cultural performances. These activities will educate people about Phu Tho province and the origins of the Vietnamese nation while paying respect to our ancestors.

The culture camp will run through next Monday.

Source: VOV5