Hung Yen’s industrial zone development plan to be adjusted

The PM has approved the adjustment of Hung Yen province's industrial zones (IZs) development plan until 2020.

Specifically, the Government leader agreed to remove the 180-hectare Vinh Phuc IZ and the 100-hectare Ngoc Long IZ from the national IZ development plan until 2020, whilst supplementing the 280-hectare Yen My IZ.

The development plans for the other IZs in Hung Yen's IZ development plan will follow the PM's Dispatch No. 1038/TTg-KTN dated June 17, 2016.

The PM assigned the Hung Yen People's Committee to work with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to update the adjustments to the provincial land use plan until 2020 and the land use plan in the last stage of 2016-2020, and submit them to the PM for consideration and approval in line with the Land Law.

The provincial People's Committee was also requested to direct relevant agencies in implementing procedures to lift the Vinh Phuc and Ngoc Long IZs out of the national plan in accordance with the law; closely supervise the observation of legal regulations on environmental protection in IZs; implement the transfer of the land use purpose in line with current regulations; and take measures to stabilize the lives and support livelihood for the people affected by land acquisition.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam