Huong Tra: Launching 800 black star trees to respond to “Tree planting Tet”

Responding to the "Tree-planting Tet" forever, thanks to Uncle Ho. On February 23, Trade Union of Bo River Protection Forest Management Board, Huong Tra Town Radio Station and Chien Hoa Culture and Information Union in collaboration with Huong Chu and Huong Xuan wards organized the planting of 800 Sao Sao trees along the routes. urban roads in the area.

At the launching ceremony, delegates reviewed the meaning and importance of planting Tet holidays, which 60 years ago President Ho Chi Minh launched, calling on all members of the labor union. The delegation, youth union members and people in the area participated in planting forest trees, protecting the environment with the motto "Planting any tree to live that tree".

Immediately after the launching ceremony, more than 200 trade union members, youth union members and people of the above units launched 800 trees of black stars along both sides of the urban road in Huong Chu and Huong Xuan wards. Huong Tra town. It is known that this is the second year that the Union of Bo River Protection Forest Management Board and Huong Tra Town Radio and Television Station cooperated with the Union of Culture and Information and localities to plant trees on the occasion of the new year. . Thereby, contributing to promoting the implementation of the model "Light route - green - clean - beautiful" in the area of wards in particular and the whole town in general.

Source: Cong Thong Tin Dien Tu ,Thua Thien Hue