Implement emulation work to reward emulation group of North Central provinces

Hue City, the North Central Region Emulation Cluster organized a conference to summarize the emulation and commendation work in the year 2018 and deploy the tasks in 2019. Tran Thi Ha, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Head of Economic and Financial Department and representatives of provincial leaders in the emulation group.

Conference opening speech, Chairman of Thua Thien Hue Phan Ngoc Tho- Leaders cluster emulation said , in 2018 the work of the provinces in terms TDKT more innovation, creativity both in content and form ; many emulation movements go into the depths of life; timely and accurate reward work. In addition , each province has actively launched many practical and meaningful emulation movements with high efficiency. Thereby, promoting localities, units and enterprises to promote high positiveness, creating a strong impetus to promote the economic development of the North Central provinces. From the patriotic emulation movements that aroused in every collective and individual the spirit of self-awareness, self-training, improving patriotism, creating strength to contribute to socio-economic development and national development. room - security . In 2018, the provinces issued many professional guidance documents, strengthening the State management on emulation and commendation; improve the quality of reward; pay attention to the professional training and retraining associated with the improvement of the quality and capacity of the contingent for emulation and commendation work. Paying attention and attaching importance to the detection and improvement of typical and advanced replication, setting good examples of good and good people; reward and ensure timeliness and motivate the people of all strata to emulate enthusiastically to carry out political tasks. Regularly propagate new regulations of the law on emulation, commendation and propaganda about good and good people. Increasingly, they pay more and more attention to the direct employees, pay attention to rewards, to remote, border and island areas.

At the conference, representatives of the provincial People's Committee leaders spoke and exchanged valuable experiences and valuable experiences in the direction and direction of socio-economic development, security and defense; as well as directing the strengthening and promoting the patriotic emulation movements, rewarding work of each province to the provinces in the Cluster to learn experiences and frankly point out the limitations and obstacles that the provinces in Clusters need to overcome to build relationships, based on similarities, supporting each other to develop.

Addressing at the conference, Ms. Tran Thi Ha, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Head of the Central Economic Review Committee highly appreciated the results and achievements in the emulation and commendation movement of the provinces of Hop Thi. last time; At the same time, it pointed out the shortcomings, limitations and attention to important measures and tasks that need to focus on overcoming, correcting and directing in the coming time. Mr. Tran Thi Ha suggested, in 2019 , the provinces in the cluster should focus on promoting emulation movements "The whole country joins hands to build new rural areas", "Vietnamese entrepreneurs integrate and develop", " The whole country joined hands for the poor - no one left behind "... launched by the Prime Minister. Along with that, focus on building exemplary citizens, model agencies and enterprises; attaching the work of economic corporations with the implementation of political tasks and taking the results of completing tasks as a measure to assess the capacity and quality of cadres and party members of each unit and locality, serving as a basis for considering and rewarding; attach special importance to rewarding workers and direct workers.

Source: Cong Thong Tin Dien Tu ,Thua Thien Hue