India and Laos highly appreciate Vietnam’s active role in the Security Council

Responding to the Vietnam News Agency at the United Nations about Vietnam’s role as Chairman of the Security Council of the United Nations in April 2021, Ambassador Dr. Tirumurti – Head of the Indian Permanent Mission to the United Nations and Ambassador Anouparb Vongnorkeo – Head of the Lao Permanent Mission to the United Nations all highly appreciated the active role as well as the opportunity to cooperate with Vietnam.

According to Ambassador Tirumurti, the Permanent Delegation of India and Vietnam has cooperated very closely in the past four months, since India was elected to the Security Council.

India and Vietnam have brought to the Security Council the unique voice of Asia and that has contributed to stability in many regions, contributing to the overall achievement of the Security Council.

Ambassador Tirumurti clarified the topics that Vietnam raised for discussion at the Security Council’s highlight sessions such as “Promoting cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations” or “Protection of essential infrastructure. People’s weakness “or” Solution to mines and ERW “is very important. India participated enthusiastically in these sessions, especially one run by the President of Vietnam.

He said he worked closely with the Vietnam Delegation to the United Nations in drafting the Presidential Declaration and Resolution, and hoped to continue to work with Vietnam in the coming months at the Security Council. Security.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Anouparb Vongnorkeo, Head of the Lao Permanent Mission to the United Nations, assessed that Vietnam is playing an increasingly important role in the United Nations, especially at the Security Council.

The issues raised by Vietnam are both very important and practical because they aim to promote cooperation within the United Nations as well as between the United Nations, especially the Security Council, and regional organizations and sub area.

Mr. Vongnorkeo highly appreciated all the topics that Vietnam proposed to discuss in April, for the practicality and importance of addressing the challenges facing the world, especially in the current context. Too many conflicts have happened in many parts of the world.

The Ambassador of Laos believes that these topics are not only relevant, but will really contribute to promoting the implementation of programs and activities to strengthen cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations, helping the Association. Co-Security adopted resolutions in a timely manner to maintain world peace and security, especially in Asia.

The head of the Laos permanent delegation to the United Nations also said that the current cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations is very good. Both sides have made efforts and many activities to promote cooperation during the past time.

The Ambassador said that the Security Council is being reformed to become more effective, so strengthening the role and voice of the Permanent and Non-Permanent Members will benefit everyone. all over the world.

He also believes that when a country takes the position of a non-permanent Security Council member, it is possible to do a lot of things during its term and contribute a lot to the advancement of important agendas. launched many years ago, especially issues that should be given priority to their regions and their own countries.

Ambassador Vongnorkeo emphasized that Vietnam has contributed to elevate the status of not only Vietnam but also the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and that is why it has made the image of Vietnam and ASEAN more beautiful in the eyes. international community ./.

Source:  Vietnam News Agency

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