Innovating for integration with the era of artificial intelligence

We talk a lot about industry 4.0, in which artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role. So what is AI ? What is its role? Young people need steps to prepare to not lag when entering a new period has many opportunities and challenges like that ?

These questions have been answered in talk show "Leadership spirit and innovation in the era of the AI took place at Da Lat University in December last year, under the guidance of journalist Ta Bich Loan and guests of the program: Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - alumni of the 4th course (1980 - 1984), Department of Mathematics, Dalat University, is best known as the first editor of VietNamNet.

Opportunities and challenges Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan is currently Managing Director of Global Forum Boston, USA; Director of the Michael Dukakis Institute for American leadership and creativity. At the talk show, Mr. Tuan helped students (students) better understand AI by giving easy-to-understand definitions: AI can be defined as an industry of computer science related to automation Smart acts, that is the intelligence of machines created by humans.

This intelligence can think, think, learn, ... like human intellect, but process data at a wider, more scale, systematic, scientific and faster than child. people.

Self-innovating leadership thinking In order for young people to have necessary preparation steps in the era of Intellectual Property, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan and his colleagues soon built up "Special Lectures", bringing thinking new, new achievements to exchange and share in universities.

And Dalat University is the first address of the southern region to have this opportunity. The lecture will select the top outstanding figures in the world in the field of Intellectual Property to talk about the issues that the society poses, then interact and discuss. At the talk show, Mr. Tuan gave an image of the victory of the Vietnam National Team at the newly-launched AFF Suzuki cup to demonstrate the aspiration: Young people must devote all their enthusiasm and desire. , enthusiastic to write beautiful dreams, breakthrough stories, create economic, tourist and agricultural achievements, ... AI will help us see that it is not an illusion.

Pham Tien Dat (Student of Business Administration Department) asked: "What are the chances of students in Da Lat University in AI era?". To this question, Tuan took his own image to affirm: The opportunity of Da Lat students is on par with all other places. All industries need to take advantage of AI to have opportunities to rise and create breakthroughs.