International conference responds to coastal erosion, saline intrusion

Vietnam, with its long coast and dense river network, is facing numerous challenges in coast and estuary management, according to the 10th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts (APAC-2019), which opened in Hanoi on Thursday.

Professor Nguyen Trung Viet, Vice Rector of Water Resources University suggested that countries in the Asia-Pacific region that face the same challenges as Vietnam jointly address climate change issues.

According to Professor Nguyen Van Thanh Van of McGill University, in Canada, coastal erosion is a serious, unpredictable problem around the globe which calls for state management research, and the use of precision measuring instruments for forecasting and planning.

We need to do some monitoring and learning why that happened even we don't know where the erosion occurs to build structures protecting coastal areas. We are doing experiments in laboratory so we now how the structures run when there is big flood. It's very important to have some measurement monitoring to understand what and why erosion occur. If we don't understand and place the wall wrongly, it will soon collapse later on, said Professor Van.

Themed Living with nature, coping with coastal changes, APAC 2019 has drawn officials and climate scientists from 18 countries and territories. The conference will conclude on Saturday.

Source: VOV5