International conferences discuss smart industry development

Developing smart industry in manufacturing, trade, services, and smart urban areas was the focus of an international exhibition and 3 conferences in Hanoi on Tuesday. The event, called Smart Industry World 2017, was hosted by the Party Central Committee's Commission for Economic Affairs and the International Data Group.

Cao Duc Phat, deputy head of the Commission said that Vietnam is in the early stage of industrialization and modernization, so the development of smart industry with breakthrough technologies is essential to improve productivity and competitiveness. Vietnamese and foreign experts discussed in detail technological trends and the application of bio-technology, new materials, robots, and highly precise sensors in agriculture, mechanics, and energy production.

Another conference examined ways to develop trade and services in the digital era. Participants analyzed Vietnam's own potential and the opportunities and challenges created by the 4th technological revolution and global economic integration.

At a conference on a vision for and building of smart urban areas, experts discussed data connections and the architecture of smart cities.

Source: VOV5