Iraq welcomes pullout of US troops from Syria

Iraqi President Barham Salih has expressed hope in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria will contribute to the conflict settlement and will not result in a new escalation of violence, Salih's press service said.

During the conversation, Salih also stressed that "Iraq should not bear the burden of the international and regional tensions," and the country's sovereignty and national interests must be safeguarded. Pompeo, in turn, reaffirmed US commitment to continue counter-terrorism fight in Iraq.

The talks came after White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday that the United States had began the pullout of its forces from Syria. She noted that the troops' withdrawal did not mean the end of the coalition's fight against the Daesh terror group. The statement followed President Donald Trump's remark over Daesh defeat in Syria.

Source: VOV5