Japanese PM calls for respect for rule of law to safeguard freedom of navigation

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press conference on Monday to discuss his visit to Vietnam. He said that the Red River runs from Hanoi to the East Sea and the East China Sea which connects with Tokyo Bay.

Nothing can obstruct free passage along this route and Japan and Vietnam are connected by free ocean, Abe said. He added that the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, which he also visited on this trip, are important neighbors of Japan who together share the free Pacific Ocean and fundamental values. The principles of maritime security and safety, and freedom of navigation are very important and the law must be fully obeyed.

Prime Minister Abe said Japan will supply Vietnam with new patrol ships and help Vietnam train marine police. He said Vietnam, Japan, and other countries must uphold respect for the law to safeguard freedom of navigation and resolve disputes by peaceful means.

Source: VOV5