Lai Xa photography museum opens

Lai Xa Village on the western outskirts of Hanoi opened a photography museum on Monday. The museum is located in a two-storey house in the middle of the village with total exhibition area of 300sq.m.

Objects, photos and graphics tell the story of the traditional career. There is a recreation of an old studio, an exhibit on the originators of the medium, an explanation of the process of making photos by hand, a demonstration of old studio lighting methods and a collection of beautiful photos by today's photographers in Lai Xa Village.

Nguyen Van Thang, Chairman of Lai Xa Photography Club, said: Photos displayed on the second floor tell stories of Lai Xa's photography trade. There are tools such as pen brushes, lights, metallic papers, photo boxes, and many kinds of cameras. The museum opens on the weekends from 9am to 4.30 pm. We're developing tourism of craft villages connecting Lai Xa museum, Nguyen Van Huyen museum, and photo shops, and ancient architectures.

The photography trade flourished in Lai Xa Village in the first half of the 20th century. Then, some 200 studios were opened all over the country with over 2,000 photographers. Lai Xa villagers have opened photo shops in China, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Germany, and France.

Source: VOV5