Leaders ready to ‘intensify process’ for U.S. to return to Iran nuclear deal


World powers held a fourth round of high-level talks Friday aimed at bringing the United States back into the nuclear deal with Iran, with both sides signaling a willingness to work out the major stumbling blocks. 

The talks began in Austria in early April. Russian delegate Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted following Friday’s meeting that “the participants agreed on the need to intensify the process.” “The delegations seem to be ready to stay in Vienna as long as necessary to achieve the goal,” he wrote. U.S. President Joe Biden says he wants to rejoin the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, but that Iran needs to return to compliance. Speaking to reporters at the White House on Friday, Biden said he believed the Iranians were approaching the talks seriously.


Source: VOV5


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