Legislators discuss revised Law on People’s Public Security

National Assembly deputies on Thursday discussed amendments and supplements to the revised Law on People's Public Security.

Minister of Public Security To Lam said the law was approved in 2014 and began to take effect in 2015.

Mr. Lam said the People's Public Security sector strictly observed the law by being a core force in ensuring national security and social order, foiling hostile forces' schemes, and building a revolutionary, professional, elite, and modern Public Security force. He said: We need to institutionalize the viewpoints, guidelines, and policies of the Party on the continued renovation and re-organization of the political system toward a lean and mean apparatus. We strengthen the Party's leadership in ensuring security and order and restructuring the ministry. The National Assembly has approved several laws on the functions, responsibilities, and authorities of the People's Public Security, requiring the 2014 law to be revised to ensure the uniformity of the legal system.

Source: VOV5