Mid-year National Assembly session closes

The 5th session of the 14th National Assembly wrapped up on Friday after 3 weeks of heated debates. Lawmakers approved 7 laws and discussed 9 draft laws.

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said: After extensive consultation with deputies and voters, the National Assembly has decided to delay the adoption of the draft law on special administrative-economic units until the next session. We need more time to deliberate the draft law to ensure its quality and feasibility.

National Assembly deputies also questioned cabinet members on transport, natural resources, environment, labor, social affairs, education and training. National Assembly Chairwoman Ngan asked deputies to meet voters immediately after the session: Voters closely followed and gave comments, helping improve the quality of the approved laws and resolutions. The National Assembly highly appreciates public feedback on important issues while strongly condermning acts that disrupt social order and harm administrations, businesses and people's lives.

Source: VOV5