Military press effectively carries out key tasks

PANO � The General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People's Army held a briefing conference for the military press and publishing sector in March and first quarter of the year, on March 28.

In March and the first quarter of the year, the military press sector closely followed and covered important domestic and world political events as well as significant anniversaries of the country in a timely manner, contributing to spreading more widely resolutions and policies of the Party, State and activities of the armed forces. The quality of the dissemination work was improved, which was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

For its part, the Military Publishing House issued 133,735 copies of 121 books with high quality and good contents and in line with publishing regulations and procedures.

Addressing the conference, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia, Deputy Chief of the General Department of Politics, highly appreciated the achievements of the military press and publishing sector in the first quarter.

He required that press and publishing agencies in the military keep following guidelines and instructions of higher levels closely. The sector must take the lead in disseminating policies of the Party and laws of the State as well as in fighting against the peaceful evolution strategy of hostile forces.

Participants at the conference agreed on contents and orientations for the dissemination, press management and publishing work in April and the second quarter of 2019.

Source: People's Army Newspaper