Military units kick off recruit training

PANO � Units in the whole military have started their training programs of 2019 for new enlistees under the motto set by the Chief of the General Staff Basic, Substantial and Steady.

In 2019, military units continue to strictly implement Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission on Enhancing training quality in the 2013-2020 period and beyond. Accordingly, all military units had made thorough preparations, including preparation of barracks, training facilities and plans, and provision of refresh courses for training officers.

* On the morning of February 28, the General Department of Logistics held a ceremony to open the training program of 2019 for its units. The program focuses on relevant contents on logistic services at the operational and strategic levels and logistic supplies during the shifting of combat readiness levels, for combined armed teams and for defensive areas in accordance to real conditions of each unit. Other contents like military, politics and technical services will also be provided for troops. * On the same morning, the General Department of Technical Services kicked off its training program of 2019. Troops of the general department will improve their knowledge on command and staff, technical services, shifting of combat readiness levels, study 18 specialized topics on contents relevant to their tasks, and participate in competitions, and more.

* Head units and agencies of the Command of Military Region 7 started their training program of 2019 on February 28. In 2019, the units focus on carrying out various policies so as to better manage and observe training of enlistees in lower-level units and localities of the military region.

* On February 28, units under Army Corps 2 held a ceremony to kick-start training contents of 2019 and wage the emulation campaign Good instruction, meticulous training, firm political stance, high combat readiness. Accordingly, the units will enhance coordination in training among forces in the localities where the units are stationed and in their defensive areas. More attention will also be paid to training troops to master available weapons and equipment, regularity building and observance of laws and military discipline.

Source: People's Army Newspaper