Millions of Filipinos cast vote at midterm polls

Filipinos trooped to polling stations on Monday to cast their votes at the midterm elections touted as a litmus test of the popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte's administration after three years in power.

About 62 million voters were expected to choose from 43,500 candidates vying for about 18,000 national and local posts, including 12 seats in the 24-member Senate and 243 seats in the House of Representatives. Nearly 170 parties ran during the election but it was essentially considered a competition between the coalition of the Philippine Democratic Party´┐ŻPeople's Power (PDP-Laban) led by President Rodrigo Duterte, together with the Nationalist Party, and the opposition-led Liberal Party.

Final results are expected to be declared in approximately one week for national posts and a few days for local positions unless specific outcomes come under protest.

Last week, a survey carried out by Social Weather Stations showed that 81 percent of Filipinos expressed satisfaction with Duterte's administration, citing its efforts to help the poor and improve security, among other reasons.

Source: VOV5