Mine Action Program helps address post-war aftermaths

The National Mine Action Program for the 2010-2025 period has helped survivors of wartime bombs and mines return to normal life and raised public awareness of this issue, said Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen The Phuong at the first meeting of the Mine Action Partnership Group in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Phuong underlined that the program, which aims to minimize the economic and health impacts of bombs, mines and unexploded ordnance, has helped Vietnam improve its institutional capacity and human resources, develop advanced demining technology and expand international cooperation in healing the aftermath of bombs and mines. US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius said the US is ready to share experience with Vietnam, and ready to learn from Vietnam's experience. Since the war ended in 1975, bombs and mines have killed more than 42,000 people and injured 62,000 in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5