Money-making career: Turning worthless palm trees into weaving, creating jobs, making money


Satun, Today's money-making career takes us to see a group of Satun housewife farmers in an area where many palm trees are planted. They bring palm trees that have been cut down and are useless to be processed, creating jobs and generating income for the group. Oil palm is one of the two economic plants in the South that is widely planted, similar to Satun Province. In addition to oil palm fruit, farmers usually cut palm leaves to use as food for goats and cows. However, if there is a large quantity, some gardens will cut it down and discard it as useless. However, the Black Sea Housewives Group in Ban Rawai, Khon Klan Subdistrict, Thung Wa District, Satun Province, has taken the large amount of palm oil, which some gardens used as waste, and turned it into woven products such as baskets, winnowing baskets, pots, bags, etc., generating income for group members and the community. Ms. Najwa Tesnok, President of the Black Sea Housewives Group, said that the starting point of the housewives group was the promo tion of the Satun Provincial Land Reform Office after finding that there were leftover raw materials from palm oil plantations in the area. Therefore, the villagers were asked to form housewives groups and brought in instructors to share their knowledge of making woven products from palm leaves in order to utilize leftover palm leaves, increase their value, and create jobs and income for the villagers by using the palm leaves to make woven products by cutting off all the leaves, splitting only the green peel into strips, scraping off all the flesh, and boiling it to make the palm leaves soft and not break while weaving. Importantly, it does not cause mold. When the desired strips are obtained, they are woven into various containers. Each person can weave 2-3 pieces per day, depending on the size of the piece and the expertise of each person. Products for sale range in price from 50 baht to hundreds of baht. The market is very responsive. Anyone interested in studying or ordering products can contact 081-8938 176. Source: Thai News Agency