More railway tickets available for Tet

More than 3,000 railway tickets are available for sale from January 7 to meet the rising travelling demand during Tet - the traditional Lunar New Year Holiday, said the Hanoi Railway Transport Joint Stock Company.

More carriages, including 45 high-class ones, will be added to some trains on the Hanoi � Ho Chi Minh City routes from January 12 to February 5.

Nearly 800 North-South trains are planned to run during the holiday with some 350,000 seats.

Tickets can be bought at stations, three websites at,,, on mobile payment apps including Momo, Viettelpay, VNpay, Vimo, Sendo and via Vietnam Railway customer service hotline at 19000109.

The company also offers goods delivery service. Customers can visit for more information.

Source: Vietnam News Agency