Most Brits prefer to stay in EU

On Monday, British citizens would vote to remain in the European Union by a 54-46% margin in a second referendum, a survey purporting to be the biggest of its kind.

The apparent boost in "remain" support will be seized by campaigners who want a binding second vote taken on the terms reached by London and Brussels before Britain splits from the other 27 nations in the bloc on March 29. It remains unclear what would happen if that deal were rejected, with some suggesting that a second referendum on Britain's EU membership be held.

Prime Minister Theresa May rejects the idea, arguing that it would be undemocratic for Britain to go back on the Brexit referendum result in June 2016. Commissioned by Britain's independent Channel 4 television, the online poll of 20,000 people was conducted by the Survation agency between October 20 and November 2.

Source: VOV5