My Son marks 20 years of UNESCO recognition as World Cultural Heritage

Businesses, the community, and local authorities need to cooperate in sustainable exploitation of the My Son World Cultural Heritage, said Phan Xuan Thanh, President of the Quang Nam Tourism Association.

At a discussion on Tuesday attended by 100 travel agencies, participants proposed ways to tap My Son's potential and secure its sustainable preservation. Mr. Thanh said the My Son World Cultural Heritage is Quang Nam province's unique tourism product and its potentials are priceless. He added that Quang Nam will continue to improve infrastructure, create favorable conditions for tourism services, and expand My Son's popularity.

20 years ago, the My Son Sanctuary were recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. My Son is a cluster of Hindu temples in Vietnam, constructed from the 4th to the 14th century by the Kings of Champa.

Source: VOV5