NA approves Resolution on Central Budget Distribution 2019

The National Assembly on Wednesday approved the Resolution on Central Budget Distribution 2019. \

Next year will be the third year that local budget spending is formulated in accordance with the National Assembly resolution and the Prime Minister's decisions. Priorities for receiving regular local budget will be given to mountainous region, the Mekong delta, transport infrastructure, provinces with large areas of rice cultivation, and poverty reduction. Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee for Finance and Budget Nguyen Duc Hai said the government will increase investment in environmental pollution treatment and climate change response. He added: It's urgent to increase the State budget for environmental protection and climate change response. The government has proposed to increase by 700 million USD of the State budget for environmental protection next year. The National Assembly has prioritized resources for natural disaster recovery and climate change adaptation until 2020.

Ealier on Wednesday discussed the settlement of citizens' complaints and petitions in 2018. So far this year, administrative agencies have received 320,000 complaint letters and 410,000 petitioners.

Inspector General Le Minh Khai underlined the importance of the settlement of complaints and petitions which he said contributes to political and social stabilization. According to Mr. Khai, The government and Prime Minister have paid attention to the oversight, assessment, and revision of laws on receiving and settling citizens' complaints and petitions. As a result, the laws have gradually improved, particularly the revised Law on Denunciations, which was approved by the National Assembly at the 5th session, and a decree regulating enforcement of the Law on Denunciations.

Source: VOV5