NA debates draft revisions to anti-corruption law

The National Assembly on Thursday conducted a vote of confidence on 48 senior officials who were elected or approved by the NA. Afterwards they debated the revised draft anti-corruption law.

Presenting a report on the draft law, Chairwoman of the NA's Committee on Judicial Affairs Le Thi Nga said the bill concerns preventing, detecting, and dealing with corruption. She said 5 issues remain to be determined, including the expansion of the scope application to non-state sectors. The NA Standing Committee acknowledges the necessity of expanding the law's scope to non-state sectors, because corruption in non-state sectors has adversely affected production, the work of state agencies, and the effectiveness of corruption prevention. The expansion is consistent with the Politburo's guidelines, the Penal Code, and the UN Convention Against Corruption of which Vietnam is a member, Nga said.

A majority of the deputies agreed with the revisions contained in the draft law. They wanted a closer study of regulations on corruption prevention in non-state sectors and on the media's role in corruption prevention. Pham Van Hoa, a deputy for Dong Thap province, said: I agree with the regulation that people who direct departments or hold higher positions and people at a high risk of corruption must document their annual income.

Source: VOV5