NA discusses amendments to revised Law on People’s Public Security

National Assembly deputies on Thursday discussed amendments and supplements to the revised Law on People's Public Security.

The revision focused on the structure and classification of police forces, the highest ranking of officers, and the authority to appoint, dismiss, and demote personnel. Minister of Public Security To Lam said: It is urgent to promulgate the revised Law on People's Public Security. We need to complete the legal basis on the functions, responsibilities, and authorities of the People's Public Security in state management of security and order to fight against crimes and law violations. We complete the legal basic to reorganize the police apparatus towards a lean and mean system.

Pham Tat Thang, a deputy from Vinh Long province, said: I agree on the revision of the Law on People's Public Security. This aims to implement a Resolution of the Party Central Committee's 6th plenum in organizing a lean and mean apparatus. I also agree with the People's Public Security's viewpoint of being closer the people and the grassroots level. This is not only helpful in implementing a Resolution of the Politburo and the 2013 Constitution, but also meets the current needs.

Source: VOV5