NA discusses draft resolution on law building program for 2019

At the ongoing 5th session, the National Assembly approved a draft resolution on the law building program for 2019 and amendments to the program for 2018.

At this session, the legislature is expected to approve 7 draft laws and comment on 11 others. Last year, the National Assembly approved 18 laws and 3 resolutions, while its Standing Committee passed 10 resolutions. Nguyen Khac Dinh, Chairman of the National Assembly's Law Committee, said: In accordance with the Law on Issuance of Legal Normative Documents, law building activities have been improved. Thorough preparations have been made in proposing, drafting, discussing, and verifying new laws. More time is allocated for debating a new law. That's why a number of bills were approved with high consensus last year.

Source: VOV5