National Assembly’s 5th session is well-organized: Voters

The 14th National Assembly concluded its 5th session on Friday, receiving positive feedback from voters.

Nguyen Van Dung, a citizen in Da Nang city, hailed the quality of Q and A sessions: "The NA meeting was well-organized and witnessed some practical and important improvements. Ministers explained issues directly and seriously and listened to opinions carefully during discussions, creating a democratic and responsible manner."

Voter Dang Van Thanh of QuangNinh province said: "The NA 5th session resolved many problems in a short period of time. We're very pleased with the way NA Chairwoman chaired the session and ministers gave concrete and straight answers which helped address voters' concerns."

Voter Ho Ngoc Anh of Ho Chi Minh city said: "Much progress has been made, both in content and format. The National Assembly Standing Committee's facilitation was orderly and thorough. Though this session was shorter than previous ones, it adopted many laws related to national security and development. I want to see strict implementation of the newly-approved cyber security law."

Source: VOV5