Naval Region 2 Command’s exhibition on Hoang Sa, Truong Sa archipelagoes

An exhibition showcasing historical documents confirming Hoang Sa and Truong Sa belong to Vietnam were opened on Friday in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province, by the Naval Region 2 Command and the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Over 100 maps published by Vietnam and Western countries from the 17th century until now are on display, including 4 atlases in circulation from the Qing dynasty to the Republic of China, which show that Hoang Sa and Truong Sa were not included in China's map. Captain Tran Trung Dung, assistant of propaganda and training in the Naval Region 2, said: This historical evidence helps strengthen trust of officials and soldiers' to confirm Vietnam's sacred sea territory. Thanks to the exhibition, soldiers of the Naval Region 2 and of the naval forces are more determined to protect our nation's territory.

The exhibition is open to the wider public until next Tuesday. All the exhibited documents and items will be donated to the Naval Region 2 for propaganda and education activities.

Source: VOV5