New Cambodian government continues to foster relations with Vietnam

VOV's correspondent in Cambodia recently interviewed Mr. Sok Eysan, a member of the Central Committee and Spokeperson of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) after the CPP declared victory in last month's parliamentary election.

Mr. Sok declared the election a success with voter turnout over 83%, and said the result demonstrates that Cambodians are interested in their nation's destiny. Mr. Sok talked to VOV about Vietnam-Cambodia ties. He said: Cambodia-Vietnam relations are long-term despite some difficult periods and schemes by hostile forces to sabotage the relationship. But all those plots failed. That's why we enjoy a special relationship of unity, strategic friendship, and neighborliness. We trust each other and share each other's joy and sorrow. All these things have forged close ties between the two countries which no force can divide. The CPP will continue to consolidate and promote its relationship with Vietnam for the benefit of the two peoples.

Source: VOV5