No survivors expected from crashed Indonesian plane

An Indonesian search and rescue agency official estimated there would be no survivors from the Lion Air plane that crashed into the sea north of Java Island on Monday.

BambangSuryo, operational director of the agency, told reporters that he predict there are no survivors, based on body parts found so far. Rescue officials said they had recovered some human remains from the crash site, about 15 km off the coast. The Boeing 737 with 188 people on board crashed 13 minutes after take-off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. The flight was heading for Bangka Belitung Islands when it lost contact. The plane was a new type of aircraft and it is unclear what caused the crash. Lion Air is Indonesia's largest low-cost carrier. Search and Rescue Agency spokesman Yusuf Latif told AFP news agency that the plane crashed into water about 30m to 40m deep. Items believed to belong to passengers have been found in the water, including ID cards and driver's licences, the search and rescue agency said on Twitter.

Source: VOV5